Car Wash, Apt/Office, Detail Bays

$1,159,000 plus inventory

Chicago Suburbs - Includes: Business Entity, All Equipment & All Fixtures.

The business is a full-service, tunnel car wash which has been operating for over twenty-five years. The principle equipment reportedly was installed in 1989, with upgrades added in 1998 and 2002. The facility is open all year, weather permitting. Some of the services they offer include carpets shampooed, hand wax, wheels cleaned, tires dressed, air freshener, rust inhibitor, floor mats cleaned and an undercarriage wash. They offer seven different wash packages. The business has an established customer base.

Asking Price: $1,159,000.00 plus inventory
Gross annual sales (approximately): $481,806.00
Cash flow or net (approximately): $177,918.00
Value of furniture, fixtures & equipment (approximately): $200,000.00
Value of inventory (approximately): $5,000.00 (Not Included in Asking Price)
Value of real estate (approximately): $900,000.00
Building, Lease details (approximately): Building is approximately 9,968 sq.ft.
Seller Financing: None
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