Manufacturing Business for Sale in Chicago, Illinois

$5,350,000 plus inventory
Located in Chicago (Cook County)
Sale includes: the Property, the Business, all Equipment & all Fixtures.

Purchase Price / Real Estate = $695,000
Purchase Price / Business = $4,655,000 plus inventory
Total Purchase Price / Business & Real Estate = $5,350,000 plus inventory

The current owner started the business in the late 1960’s with a family member. They’ve been making products for the U.S. Government for more than 40 years. The business is located in Chicago. There’s plenty of parking available for the employees. The building is about 17,403 sq ft and there are 13 surveillance cameras that can be viewed online or on a tablet or smart phone. They have approximately $1,400,000 in manufacturing machinery and office equipment. The equipment includes several CNC machines and a plating machine. They do spinning in-house, while others usually out source it, which leads to higher costs and very little control over quality. They also have their own dies for stamping and they treat their own water waste with in-house pollution remediation equipment.

The average annual cash flow for the last 3 years was $968,534.00 and the average gross annual sales were $3,192,640. Payroll runs about $20,000 per week, on average and the current owner works 4 days per week or about 40 hours per week.

As with most businesses, there are areas of opportunity. The business has a long history, so the website is dated & doesn’t really attract much traffic and has very little information. Adding pictures of finished products and much more detailed information would help increase traffic to the website and potentially attract more customers. They also don’t currently seek out new potential customers, so focusing on that would clearly help increase sales. They have been very content with the sales they’ve realized, as they have been very consistent. Other than the website, they don’t do any advertising.

While many manufacturing businesses run 2 or 3 shifts per day, This Manufacturing business only runs one shift per day. This is a big area of opportunity to grow sales and increase profits.

Annual Gross Sales

2015 = $3,190,522.00
2014 = $3,030,495.00
2013 = $3,356,904.00

Note: The current owner(s) prefer to sell the business & property together.

Asking Price/Business & Real Estate: $5,350,000 plus inventory
Gross annual sales (approximately): $3,192,640.00 (3-year average)
Cash flow (approximately): $968,534.00 (3-year average)
Value of furniture, fixtures & equipment (approximately): $1,400,000.00
Value of Real Estate (approximately): $695,000.00
Building, Property details (approximately): The annual real estate taxes are +/- $16,100. The lot size is 36,396 sq ft. The building is 17,403 SF. It’s a 1-story commercial building with plenty of parking. The building is located at a busy intersection in Chicago.
Seller Financing: Owner might consider a small amount of financing with qualified & experienced buyer/operators.
Contact: Tony Gavros This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Advantage Business Acquisitions, Inc. 847-722-1877 

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