confidential-stampWhen selling a business, confidentiality is the #1 priority at Advantage Business Acquisitions.

The last thing a business owner wants is for their neighbors, competitors, employees or customers to find out they are selling their business. 

Not only do the brokers at Advantage Business Acquisitions understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, we also help potential buyers understand the need to maintain confidentiality.  In addition, we help potential buyers understand why confidentiality is important for them as well, should they move forward and acquire your business.


confidentialWe can match you with a buyer for your business without the general public, your employees, your competitors or your customers ever knowing.  No one needs to know that your business is on the market except for you and a few select, Financially Qualified Buyers.  

For most of the sellers we represent, maintaining confidentiality about the sale of their business is their top priority, as well as ours.  If vendors, customers, or employees knew the business was for sale, it could damage the business.  In addition, sellers don’t want confidential information about the business falling into the hands of a competitor or potential competitor.  Because of this concern, we make maintaining confidentiality our top priority.

There is more to protecting the confidentiality of your business and the sale than just claiming we take it seriously.  We have procedures in place that allow us to maintain confidentiality.  These procedures control how we market the business, how and when we give out the identity of the business and any additional information about it, and how we work with buyers.

The first step we take in maintaining the confidentiality regarding the sale of your business is to prepare a Confidential Business Profile.  The Confidential Business Profile is intended to give buyers basic information about the business so they can determine if they have further interest.  The business owner may review and approve this report before it is used in marketing the business.

If a prospective buyer locates one of our blind advertisements regarding your business, and is interested in more information about the company, including the name and location of the business, the buyer is first required to sign our confidentiality agreement.  In addition to agreeing to maintain confidentiality, the buyer provides us with information about his background and financial situation. This information allows us to determine how likely it is that the buyer will be able to get the financing to buy the business, should they chose to do so.

It should be noted by business owners that may be thinking of selling their own business that it is very difficult to maintain confidentiality if you are dealing directly with buyers.  By using an intermediary, there is a third party to maintain a barrier between the business identity and the buyer until the buyer has been qualified and signs a confidentiality agreement.

Once the buyer is qualified and approved, they receive a copy of the Confidential Business Profile.  This report identifies the business and gives enough information about it that a buyer can decide if they want to take the next step – a visit to the business and meeting with the owner.

While there is no way to absolutely guarantee that confidentiality will be maintained, this system works well.  All of the brokers at Advantage Business Acquisitions are also business owners or have previous business ownership experience.  We understand first-hand the hard work, sacrifice and investment it takes to start and operate a business and the importance of maintaining discretion and confidentiality during your transition.

We take great care in qualifying  and screening prospective buyers.

Prospective buyers are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and a Personal Financial Statement to show they are a serious and financially qualified buyer.  This also enables us to effectively "weed out" the "tire kickers". 

Chances are, we may already have the buyer right now. 

We've been doing this for years and we have thousands of prospective buyers in our database in various phases of acquiring and selling a business and other opportunities.  Nearly all of our buyers have been pre-screened, signed a Confidentiality Agreement and filled out a Personal Financial Statement.

For more detailed information, along with answers to your questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, For Sellers page.

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